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I am the “Android Architect”, for all things Android & Open Source..

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Android developer beta software, custom roms, android studio, software development, java, kotlin, fushia, flutter & dart and product reviews…. Latest software news, manufacturer updates, new developments from Samsung, Google, Oneplus, and the “Android Open Source Project.” community.

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As a front end developer i adhere too and follow the guide lines and practises with everything on “Material Design”,all concepts, methodologies which brings a positive interaction on user experiences in all forms of software application from smart phones, tablets, computers and web browser based interaction.

I will share my views and thoughts with personal experiences with the software and devices i engage with throughout this exciting time of mobile technology. You can always contact me on the usual media handles… Facebook…Twitter if you have comments and suggestions regarding android mobile technology, software development and anything in-between…

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I have a passion for linux based open source software and technology and i believe in privacy and freedom to express our views and ideas through technology. I run other operating systems just too keep things interesting but would like too keep an open mind and stay committed to relevant projects as and when new features arrive.

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