OnePlus Launcher 4.7.2

OnePlus Launcher update brings OnePlus Scout unified search feature for Indian Users.

OnePlus Launcher 4.7.2 brings OnePlus Scout feature for Indian ...

Oneplus pushed out latest OxygenOS launcher app update which brings a new unified search feature for users in India. This feature is called OnePlus Scout and it allows users to easily search for anything on their devices from a single unified search bar.

The new OnePlus Scout feature will let you easily look up contacts, files, music, and more from the search bar in the app drawer. The feature will also let you find locations, restaurants, or places nearby and it will even solve simple math problems or queries by tapping into the Calculator app.

OnePlus Scout unified search rolls out in India with new launcher ...

You can find news and weather information from apps installed on your device or directly from the web. The OnePlus Scout feature is rolling out to Indian users with v4.7.2_200818175549 of the OnePlus Launcher app. Once you install the update on your device, a set-up screen for OnePlus Scout on your device will appear, once you access the app drawer.

After you agree to OnePlus’ terms of use and Privacy Policy, the new feature will bring up a string of pop-ups for all the required permissions.

As soon as you grant the feature all the required permissions, you’ll be able to search for almost anything on your device from a single unified search bar.

OnePlus Launcher enables OnePlus Scout to let you search for ...

The feature also comes with some customization settings, that will allow you to tailor your search results based on your needs. The OnePlus Scout settings will allow you to choose result preferences, customize which apps are displayed in the app drawer, view all required permissions, and enable/disable search tips. You can also choose to land directly onto OnePlus Scout as soon as you access the app drawer, instead of hitting the search bar for accessing it.

The feature is currently only available for OnePlus users in India. OnePlus Launcher update brings OnePlus Scout unified search feature for Indian Users.

And for those of us in Uk or other countries outside India, it will not work as I have tried and tested on multiple devices ranging the OnePlus 5, 6/6t,& 7 Pro which is a shame really as this adds yet another excellent feature to the Oneplus devices for its users, however, if I find any useful workarounds or official installs i will update this blog accordingly.

written by Android Arcitect 2020.

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