GCam_7.3.018 OnePlus 7 Pro

GCam 7.3 Wichaya v2.5 - AUX Cameras working OnePlus 7 Series NO ROOT  REQUIRED!!! - YouTube

GCam_7.3.018_Urnyx05-v2.1_Wichaya v2.5

Changelog: OnePlus 7 Pro

(Based on Urnyx05’s 7.3.018 v2.1.)

– 📸 Aux cameras working on most phones without root apart from some exceptions. (Bug on Zenfone 6 use ultra wide by default at first start up. Just press main lens button) Thanks a lot to Eszdman and Arnova8G2 for the code shared to me and others. 
– 📱Added OPPO and Experimental opmode (Thanks Arnova)
– 📖 Adjusted some menus in the settings
– ⚪️ Press lib patcher icon bring to lib patcher menu, hold awb icon bring to awb menu, hold exposure button bring to exposure compensation menu (Thanks Overwhelmer)
– ⚪️ Added Gamma Curve, HDR Range Control and experimental lib patcher thanks to Julian Tsependa aka Tatchan for finding the address and Arnova8G2 for the new lib patcher
– ⚫️ Fixed black screen aux video mode on some devices
– Added new option to choose viewfinder buttons layout between old left side or top near the drop down menu
– Added no restart when no setting changes (Thanks Arnova)
– Adjusted viewfinder buttons size based on screen dpi (Thanks Overwhelmer for the suggestion)
– Fixed AUX names on OPPO Find X2 Pro.

Note: Now it’s only one version, with the com.GoogleCamera.Wichaya package name. It should work on all phones supported before.

Wichaya GCam 2.5

By Wichaya.




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How to load xml configs in Gcam mods https://www.celsoazevedo.com/files/an…

Written by the Android Architect: special thanks to xda & developer Wichaya for all works on GCam

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