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Hi there! i’m a software developer and an android enthusiast… I enjoy open source software, custom modifications on android devices, i am also an ex iOS technician and admire apple’s attention to detail software features on all there devices… Firstly i am human, but appreciate simplicity and beautiful things… software features which are usable & rich with functionality always helps us to create better ideas and reach our potential with clear goals in mind…

Android Oreo

As you can already tell i love stock android, with its clear patterns of functionality and simplicity. Android as an operating system has grown over the years and with each iteration of software version it constantly improves to better reach our expectations as hardware devices become more capable to meet out needs…

Android Q Beta is here for the Google Pixel, Pixel 2, and Pixel 3

Stock android is an ever changing software platform for many android devices across the board, and with many top tier companies offering useful features to improve the overall experience, its no wonder this Operating system is used by so many all over the world. The stock android experience delivered by google is currently on version 10 “Android Q” however we are now in the final public beta development phase for the latest version to soon be released “Android R” to all available new devices and others which are eligible for the highly anticipated update. Android 11 is making its way to the latest Oneplus & Samsung devices

Google announces new beta plans for Android 11 - SD Times

Android 11

Android 11 is making its way to the latest Google, Oneplus & Samsung devices with there own software skin innovations, with Samsung’s new “One ui 2.5” coming soon and Oneplus +1 taking a different approach to there ever popular Oxygen & Hydrogen OS software platform of which i have been an avid follower since early 2014 with Cyanogen Mod custom rom software features. As technology and software move forward it’s definitely exciting times to be had with a flurry of new software updates and brand new feature rich customization’s too look forward, not to mention the release of new devices from all the major companies from Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, Google,Oneplus, Oppo, Xiaomi and many others.

Free download OnePlus One 3D live wallpaper Android Apps on Google ...
OnePlus +1

How to install CyanogenMod Apps on Any Android Device
Cyanogen Mod

Download] One UI Pie – Icon Pack Apk [Latest] | Search by Muzli
Samsung One Ui

Since smart phones, tablets & computers have greatly improved with speed, quality, performance and reliability it is safe too say that we have more options available to us within the palm of our hands…

Written by Android Arcitect 2020

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